Say hello to is a free, lightweight platform where you can launch your (virtual) servers. It is funded by Open Technology Fund (OTF) to facilitate an easy accessible cloud infrastructure.

When working with privacy-sensitive information you do not want to depend on software by big corporations like Amazon, Azure and Digital Ocean. You preferably want a trustworthy product with accessible, hands-on support, tailored for your cause. gives you that, and more.

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What is provides a platform on which you can build and deploy your services. This means that you can deploy your (encrypted) mail, chat and video services all around the world, or build your own applications on the platform. has a solid, agile base and can deliver instances within 30 seconds. Its functionalities are designed especially for developers of services to promote digital civil rights. With features like 2-Factor authentication or template driven deployments of services like Etherpad or Jitsi meet, a higher security standard becomes reachable for more users and organisations.

Who is eligible for

Developers of tools and services

for Internet freedom are often faced with limited access to compute resources that are secure, affordable and distributed globally to fulfill the need of their users. This can greatly hamper the spread and accessibility of tools for intended end-users.

Internet freedom, liberation technology developers, administrators and digital rights activists

are offered access to virtual private servers no more difficult than Amazon or Rackspace, with clear options and configuration profiles. does not require a complex intake before an account can be setup.

Where are the servers and specifications?

The platform is managed by Greenhost. Greenhost strives to have complete control of the full stack, from the lowest network bit till the services provided. Below a summary of how this is accomplished.

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Network Infrastructure

  • Greenhost is member of RIPE (link) and own it's own IP addresses. This way a stable IP infrastructure can be provided.
  • The network is multi-homed, which means there are several routes to our infrastructure and is not dependent on one network provider only. Limiting blockade possibilities by a single entity.
  • Also the network is connected to the (public) internet exchanges AMS-ix (link) and NL-ix (link) for lower latency and shorter routes.
  • Open-source routers and network infrastructure are used on the platform.
  • Management of the network is internal. No external parties are contracted for network management.

Equipment and platform

  • No servers or switches are leased. All infrastructure equipment is fully managed by Greenhost.
  • The platform is based on Xen (virtualisation) and Ceph (storage), both open-source projects.
  • All cabling and physical hardware installation is done by Greenhost.
  • The software stack is developed internally or open-source.

Financial independence

  • Greenhost is a Dutch company, and does not have external investors, guaranteeing commercial independence.

Open Technology Fund

The Open Technology Fund utilises available funds to support Internet freedom projects that empower world citizens to have access to modern communication channels that are free of restrictions, and allow them to communicate without fear of repressive censorship or surveillance


Greenhost is a hosting provider that owns and manages its own network and hardware and is well known and trusted in the circumvention technology and technology for human rights circles. Greenhost has developed and supported multiple projects focusing on stability and protecting digital human rights and privacy. Greenhost has a broad experience in supporting complex hosting needs of human rights organisations.